For an overview of PLCs, see What Is a “Professional Learning Community”?

Successful PLCs are committed to professional learning for continuous improvement. Here you’ll find our officially recommended readings on foundational questions and implementation issues, as well as news on successful PLC districts and schools. (Note: Articles are subject to copyright laws. Please secure the permission of the copyright owner before duplicating.)

Next Generation Accountability

Douglas Reeves and Rebecca DuFour
School Administrator Magazine

A Vision That Changed a School

Brig Leane
Principal Leadership

Creating a transformative vision statement is all about optimizing essential skills for students.

Advocates for PLCs

DuFour, R., DuFour, R., & Eaker, R.
In Revisiting Professional Learning Communities at Work (pp. 1–9). Bloomington, IN: Solution Tree.

The Age of Our Accountability

Guskey, T.
Journal of Staff Development 19(4), 36–44.

Aldine Independent School District Again Named Finalist for $1 Million Broad Prize; One of Top Districts in Country for Student Gains

The Broad Foundation
The 2008 Broad Prize for Urban Education

All Together Now: Special and Regular Educators Prosper in PLCs

Many, T., & Schmidt, J.
TEPSA News 70(2).

Analysis of the Influence of Principal-Teacher Relationships on Student Academic Achievement: A National Focus

Edgerson, D., & Kritsonis, W.
Doctoral Forum: National Journal for Publishing and Mentoring Doctoral Student Research 1(1).

Art Education and the Effective Schools Research: Practical Strategies for Including Art in School Improvement Efforts

Eaker, R., & Ranells, M.
Supervision and Administration: Programs, Positions, Perspectives (pp. 53–68). Reston, VA: National Art Education Association.

Ask for More, but Focus on Doing Better With What's at Hand

DuFour, R.
Journal of Staff Development 24(3), 67–68.

Aspiring Principals Finish Year With DuFour Presentation


Assessing a School Staff as a Community of Professional Learners

Hord, S., Meehan, M., Orletsky, S., & Sattes, B.
Issues . . . About Change 7(1), 1–8.

Assessment Crisis: The Absence Of Assessment FOR Learning

Stiggins, R.
Phi Delta Kappan 83(10), 758–765.

Assessment, Student Confidence, and School Success

Stiggins, R.
Phi Delta Kappan 81(3), 191–198.

Assessment Without Victims: An Interview With Rick Stiggins

Sparks, D.
Journal of Staff Development 20(2).

Breakfast With a Purpose for School Administrators

Olverson, T. L., Ross, Z. Q., & Sampson, R. G.
Principal Navigator 3(3), 15–16.
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