Solution Tree recognizes the work of schools and districts that have significantly increased student achievement as a result of implementing the PLC at Work® process. Educational leadership in these schools and districts are invited to submit an application for their professional learning community to become a Model PLC at Work® school or district recognized for their commitment and fidelity to the three big ideas of Professional Learning Communities at Work:

  1. Focus on learning
  2. Collaborative culture and collective responsibility
  3. Results orientation; Model PLC at Work® schools and districts serve as a testament to the effectiveness of the PLC at Work® process.

The concept of Model PLC at Work schools and districts was created and brought to life by the late Richard and Rebecca DuFour. Richard DuFour was the original architect of PLC at Work, along with his colleague Robert Eaker. In fact, Adlai Stevenson High School, where DuFour led as principal and superintendent, serves as the first exemplar of this globally recognized achievement. To achieve recognition as a Model PLC at Work school or district, you must:

  • Demonstrate a commitment to the PLC at Work® process
  • Provide evidence of three years of significant student achievement
  • Present clear evidence of improved student learning
  • Explain the culture, practices, and structures of your school or district and submit it for consideration to the PLC Review Committee using our online submission process
  • Update school or district information on the site every three years to show that your data continues to meet the criteria of the PLC at Work® process
Becoming a Model PLC at Work® School Guide

Why become a Model PLC at Work® School or District?

Celebrating success is a meaningful way to demonstrate what is essential, valued, and expected. It activates the mindset that goals are achievable and deserve to be recognized with high praise.

Becoming a Model PLC at Work School or District celebrates and validates the hard work and relentless determination it takes to ensure that all students learn. The data and evidence collected on student achievement quantify this success. Becoming a Model PLC at Work school or district is not an easy path but, for that reason, it is the distinction that sets those schools and districts apart.

The Process

Our Evidence of Effectiveness (EOE) Review Committee reviews every application. This group comprises certified PLC at Work associates who volunteer their time to review Model PLC at Work applications from schools and districts. Most members of the committee are still working educators and administrators at their schools or districts.

NOTE: Solution Tree associates must come from a Model PLC at Work school or district. This means that the EOE Review Committee members reviewing applications have done the work in leading their school or district to Model PLC at Work® status and are passionate about the process.

Applications submitted via our online submission process go directly to the EOE Review Committee. After your application has been reviewed, you will receive an approval letter, a feedback letter, or a request for additional information.

Whether or not you are ready to receive recognition as a Model PLC at Work, your school or district will receive valuable feedback on your current practices, as well as guidance on how to continue your PLC at Work journey. It is worthwhile to apply, whatever the outcome may be. We highly encourage you to seize this opportunity to reflect on where you are in your journey and share your success with us by applying to become a Model PLC at Work.

We highly encourage you to apply.

Apply here

Promising Practices School

We recognize that COVID-19 has been tough on educators, students, and the education system. You may be working to become a Model PLC at Work school but have not yet accumulated three years of data, or perhaps you are still in the developing stages of your journey. In that case, you may qualify to become a Promising Practices school.

This initial step to becoming a Model PLC at Work school means that you have strong evidence of having laid a solid foundation and can share at least one year of data showing your student population’s growth in a defined area. We are happy to recognize this success through Promising Practices status and hope this will inspire you to continue your journey. After you have collected three years of evidence showing improved student achievement, you will then be welcome to apply to become a Model PLC at Work school.