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Warrior Ridge Elementary built a shared understanding and commitment to the PLC work process by our shared mission, vision, collective commitments, and shared goals.  Our school motto "Hand in Hand, We Learn Together" is lived every day where staff and students have created a strong learning collaborative culture.  The learning collaborative culture is evident in all of our school practices.  Collaborative Teams meet at least two times a month to monitor the learning of every student.  During the meetings, the team analyzes the results of its actions.  Each meeting the team share insights, design action steps, and carry out the action plan.  The collective inquiry is important to develop new skills and capabilities for staff to ensure students are meeting their learning goals. We have built a successful PLC by truly believing in our mission, vision, common commitments, collective inquiry, and we are learning teams who take action and focus on results!    

1. Monitoring student learning on a timely basis.

Warrior Ridge Elementary provides a guaranteed and viable curriculum.  This has definitely made a significant, positive impact on student achievement. Students are taught the same skills and concepts regardless of the teacher to whom they have been assigned. The curriculum is taught in the amount of time a teacher has to teach. Warrior Ridge has pacing guides and strand and skill checklists.  

Warrior Ridge Elementary monitors learning on a timely basis with our built-in district level collaboration time.  Grade-Level Teams/Reading Specialists/Administrators meet to monitor students learning by utilizing a Data Analysis Sheet during Data Team Meetings.  It is a four-step analysis process. The Teams study the standards taught, pick standards to address/discuss, decide how the standards will be addressed, assign new strategies for reteaching/embedding the standards, and collaborate when/how the standard will be assessed.  Next, students set goals.  Student goal setting has been effective in students monitoring their own learning.  


2. Creating systems of intervention to provide students with additional time and support for learning.

Warrior Ridge Elementary has created and implements a system of intervention and extension to provide students with additional time and support for learning.  The backbone of the systems of intervention is the collaboration within our professional learning community.  Students demonstrating a concern with learning or behavior are discussed at our problem-solving team.  The team collaborates about best-practices and then assigns targeted specific skill-based interventions to ensure learning. Goals are also established during the problem-solving team meeting for the students, every 3-4 weeks the goals are revisited and new goals are set. Student progress is measured frequently through a variety of assessments. Students at tier 2 or 3 for academics receive an extra dose of reading instruction from our Instructional Support Specialists, during their intervention block on a daily basis.  Students needing support with social skills receive instruction on social skills from our counselor, Art, Music, Library, and PE Teacher. Another support we have for students is the "Check-in and Check out" programs, students who participate may need more support socially, emotionally, and/or academically. Students with attendance concerns participate in the Attendance Club Program. 

Warrior Ridge Elementary has an intervention block time to ensure students receive additional time and support in areas of deficit.  During the intervention block time, students also receive above grade level/individualized learning as needed.  


The pyramid of interventions serves as a guide to make sure extra supports are put into place to support our students. 


3. Building teacher capacity to work as members of high performing collaborative teams that focus efforts on improved learning for all students.

Warrior Ridge Elementary's high performing, collaborative teams focus their efforts on improved student learning by collaborating with one another to promote student learning.  Student learning is the number one focus at Warrior Ridge Elementary. The collaborative teams truly have a sense of collective responsibility for student learning.  At Warrior Ridge Elementary during grade-level team meetings, you will see a teacher on the team showing other teachers how she teaches a mini-lesson about the main idea and supporting details.  She models for the group.  You will see a first-grade teacher showing her team how has her kiddos sight words on a ring and how she quickly reviews the sight words before she starts her guided reading lesson.   Staff participate in reflective dialogue, observe another's teaching, help develop curriculum and assessments, work together to implement programs and strategies, share lesson plans, problem-solving and improvement practices.  

Collaboration is systematically embedded into the daily of Warrior Ridge Elementary. We are grateful for that. 


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According to SchoolDigger.com, in 2019, Warrior Ridge Elementary ranked better than 90.4% of the elementary schools in Missouri.  SchoolDigger.com ranked Warrior Ridge Elementary 100th out of 1, 039 Missouri public elementary schools.  SohoolDigger.com evaluates school performance and quality.   Warrior Ridge has been above the state student achievement level.  Warrior Ridge Elementary has been able to improve student learning over the years due to our professional learning community.  Warrior Ridge truly has a learning collaborative culture.    


Missouri Exemplary Professional Learning Communities Award 

Gold Level Positive Behavior Support School 

Nominated for the Dr. Mary Richter Missouri Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support School of Distinction Award 

Award of Excellence Sustaining Fidelity PBS - 10 Year Award 

District Award - Greater Warren County Economic Development Council Public Partner Award