Which School Improvement Approach Works?


It seems to me that there are three competing approaches to school improvement in the United States today that are based on very different assumptions… Read more

Join the Conversation With Rick and Becky DuFour


Just a reminder that this is the second day of our conversation which ends tomorrow. Click here and join in using VoiceThread. If you do not have an account, create one for FREE! Then you can . . . Read more

What About the Whole Child?

Here is a question we often hear at our institutes: “All of this attention to academic achievement is a case of misplaced priorities. We need to address the needs of the whole child. What about the emotional needs of our children? What about… Read more

The Schedule Won’t Let Us Devote Time to Intervention


The most effective school systems in the world ensure that all of their schools have a process in place to monitor each student’s learning on an ongoing basis and a systematic plan of intervention that provides… Read more

It's Not a Meeting; It's a Way of Being!


I want to share the temporary soap box that I got on last week when addressing a group of teachers and administrators about the term professional learning community. If we continue to use the term PLC in the way that it is being used in many quarters, then it truly has lost… Read more

DuFour Conversation Starts Today!


Here it is, Radical Nation: The first day in our four-day conversation on the nuts-and-bolts of restructuring schools as professional learning communities with Solution Tree authors and school change experts… Read more

Voicethread Tips for DuFour Conversation


As regular readers know, we're in the middle of planning for an asynchronous Voicethread conversation with school change experts Rick and Becky DuFour (see here and here) who will be helping us to think through the nuts and bolts of restructuring schools as professional learning communities… Read more

Revisiting Professional Learning Communities at Work


It’s still hard for me to believe that we’ll be spending four days in September (the 8th through the 11th) exploring the nuts and bolts of professional learning communities with Rick . . . Read more

What’s the Difference Between a PLC, a Collaborative Team, and a Task Force?

We recently received an email from a high school math teacher who attended a three hour PLC overview session we provided for all of the staff members of his K-12 school district. Prior to hearing . . . Read more

Learn About PLCs by Doing What PLCs Do!


Here is a great story from an elementary school in Schaumburg, Illinois that moved quickly to implement PLC concepts.The staff is seeing improved results almost immediately, and the success they are… Read more

Welcome to AllThingsPLC: What’s a PLC?

We extend our sincere appreciation to Solution Tree for creating and maintaining AllThingsPLC. We believe the site offers a rich resource to those looking for ways to deepen their understanding of . . . Read more